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Why Should You Be Concerned About AMD?

AMD is a degenerative, progressive eye disease that can result in total central vision loss

1 in 5 People over the age of 65 will develop AMD

The number of people suffering from this disease are expected to double by 2020

AMD is the leading cause of blindness in developed countries

There are easy changes you can make TODAY that will make a pivotal difference in reducing your risk of ever developing AMD. Get educated and control your future.

Don’t wait, it is never too early to start protecting your vision.

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The SightRisk Calculator

How it works

The SightRisk Calculator is a unique online analytical tool that uses a proprietary algorithm developed by a team of research scientists who assessed thousands of patient data points and hundreds of scientific manuscripts. Using this scientific evidence, they are able to identify modifiable lifestyle habits and non-modifiable risk factors. After answering a series of questions pertaining to your diet, family history and overall health, the SightRisk Calculator will assess your individual risk of developing AMD. You will then receive a personalized report with recommendations that can delay and even prevent vision loss from a retinal disease later in life.

What's Included in Your Report

Your predicted risk percentage of developing AMD at various ages

Your status on 11+ modifiable lifestyle habits that could put you at risk of AMD

Your risk percentage of AMD after optimization of modifiable risk factors

Up to 14+ prioritized and personalized recommendations to reduce your risk

Use the SightRisk Calculator FREE today!

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What Doctors Say About SightRisk USA

“SightRisk evaluates an individual’s risk for developing age-related macular degeneration, and so affords the individual an opportunity to proactively and pre-emptively reduce the risk of developing this blinding disease.”
- Dr. Stephen Beatty, M.D.
VitreoRetinal Surgeon

“Vision loss from age-related macular degeneration is devastating for the patient and for their families. I witness the overwhelming impact on families every single day in my practice. Identifying risk early is critical for disease management and prevention. Taking the SightRisk assessment will help you understand your risk of vision loss and more importantly provide you a road map for prevention throughout your life.”
- Dr. Michael J Tolentino, M.D.
Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon

“SightRisk offers the solution to help health care professionals find ways to reduce their patient’s risk of developing age-related macular degeneration.”
- Professor John Nolan, PhD
Fulbright Scholar

Our Mission

SightRisk, established in 2008 by the Nutritional Research Centre of Ireland, is developed to help individuals understand their risk of vision loss due to age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Although AMD is a chronic and progressive disease, currently with no cure, there are many lifestyle choices that affect the onset and outcome of this disease. The earlier in your life steps are taken to improve lifestyle factors, scientific and clinical research demonstrates reduced risk of developing the disease, reduced falls and hip fractures, and, better overall quality of life.

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